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About Deleting Your Account
Warning: Deleting your account is irreversible and will permanently erase all conversations, settings, and account information associated with your Zone360 account. Conversations shared with individuals or Channels will become inaccessible post-deletion. Recovery of deleted accounts is not possible.
- Upon deletion, all account details, conversations, and associated data are permanently removed from Zone360’s servers.
- Access to the account and its associated data, content, and services will be unavailable post-deletion.
- Conversations and other content will be permanently erased.
- Account deletion is final. Zone360 cannot reactivate or restore deleted accounts or data. If you have an active subscription and are not presently using your account but may wish to return in the future, consider retaining your subscription rather than deleting your account.

Before Deleting Your Account
We advise taking the following steps before proceeding with account deletion: Export any conversations you wish to retain to a text or audio file.


How to Permanently Delete Your Account
Using a Web Browser:
1. Visit our website
2. Review our cancellation policy.
3. Click on the delete button at the end of the page.
4. Send us your name and last name and the email associated with your account.

5. Submit your request

Frequently Asked Questions
Can my deleted account be recovered?
No, account recovery is not possible once deletion occurs.

What happens to my conversations when my account is deleted?
All conversations associated with your account are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

What happens to the conversations that I've shared with others?
Conversations shared with others will also be permanently deleted and inaccessible to them.

If you encounter difficulties deleting your account, please contact us, and our Otter Support Team will assist you promptly.

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